Swipe The System That Helped Me Take 4 Months Off While My Business Made $60-80K Each Month


For the first time, I’m sharing my entire plug-and-play Instagram sales system with my fellow time-strapped entrepreneurs who want their social content to make real sales for them – all automatically.

MESSAGE MAGIC is a 3-part program on getting your Instagram to sell for you 24/7, even if you have zero team members or limited time in your day. 

(This exact system is how I took 4 months off for my maternity leave while my business continued to make $60,000 to $80,000 a month.)

MESSAGE MAGIC is perfect for time-crunched coaches, service providers and product creators who want to make more sales from social media – without spending more time creating content that doesn’t bring in sales.

Once your messaging system is up and running, you’ll: 

  • Be able to step away from the content side of your business for weeks or even months to come
  • See more sales generated to your offers and products, literally effortlessly
  • Have more time for life outside of work (including your family, hobbies and self care – remember those things!?)

Here’s exactly how you’ll get screenshot-worthy, text-your-BFF results with MESSAGE MAGIC:

Part 1: Really Easy Reels

First, you’ll discover how I easily create Reels in advance, and set my team up to make them without me.

By the end of Part 1, you’ll have a brimming B-Roll bank, know where to find scroll-stopping tips and information to share through your Reels in 30 seconds or less, and be able to create 10 Reels in about 20 minutes flat. 

Part 2: A.T.M. (Automate The Messages)

This is your “set it and forget it” strategy that you build once, and it runs 24/7 for months (or years) to come.

By the end of Part 2, you’ll have your main message automations up and running as fast as you can say “Carpe DM!”

Part 3: Automate Your Posts

Ah, the final step. Publishing your posts to turn your automation machine on! But no one wants to be glued to their phone each day…

Instead, discover three unique methods to setting up your posts in advance – using a scheduling tool or the Reels app – so that your content and sales run without you. 

By the end of Part 3, you’ll have your Instagram Reels and posts scheduled out and connected to your messaging automations… so that you can literally “set it and forget it.”

And the BONUSES? Alone, they’re worth the price of admission.

BONUS #1: 13 Plug-And-Play Manychat Automations With Conversion Copy

In just one click, import 13 done-for-you automations right into your Manychat account.

These automations include the setup and copy you’ll need to easily (and automatically) share your freebies, challenges, promotions, launches, sales or capture emails from your followers. Perfect for coaches, service providers and product brands.

BONUS #2: Captions That Get Comments

For the entire MESSAGE MAGIC flow to work, you *need* comments on your posts.

In this bonus, I remove the mystery on how to write captions (for your Reels, carousels and posts) that entice lurkers to comment (so that your automations fire off).

Get my formula on how to write captions that generate 100s if not 1000s of comments (and therefore potential leads and sales back to your business).

BONUS #3: Track Organic Instagram Sales

One of the toughest parts of marketing is tracking exactly where and how your customer is finding you. (Because once you figure this part out, you’ll double down on that area – of course!)

Since 2021, I’ve used a tool that tracks all my online sales from both my organic content and my paid ads. In this bonus, I’ll introduce you to this tool and how I use it to see that – yes – over $100,000 in sales has come from my Instagram account organically, and how it guides me on where to invest my content efforts into next.

BONUS #4: 2 months free of Manychat Pro

While Manychat has a free tier that allows you to engage up to 1,000 contacts through your automations, eventually you’ll hit some limits. The Pro plan eliminates most of those limits so you can use the tool freely and easily. 

Try Pro plan out for 2 months for free (a value of $30) and in that time, put the tool to the test and see if it generates enough sales each month to cover its future monthly cost.

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